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The right t-shirts for exercise

The right t-shirts for exercise

If you have decided to train to tone your figure or lose weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is good that you consider the right t-shirts for exercise.

There are many models, fabrics and colours, but if you still don’t know which type to choose or which one suits the sport you are going to practice in Personalised T-shirts we have decided to help you choose the one that best suits your style and the physical activity you will practice.

Ideal T-shirts for each sport

The first thing you should take into account before choosing your T-shirts, is the type of exercise you will practice, because it is not the same running than cycling, once you decide the sport or activity you are going to do, you ask yourself the question: Which one should I wear? If you are going to practice aerobics you should choose one that is not too loose but at the same time not too tight to the body, that is to say, when you buy it, try it on and check that you can move with ease and that you don’t feel any rubbing against your skin or that you feel uncomfortable when doing any manoeuvre.

The idea is to wear the right t-shirts for exercising, so if you are thinking of using those old ones that you have kept in the drawer for some years, you are wrong, the right thing is to look for those that make you feel comfortable according to the activity you will practice, for example: if you want to do yoga, you should use some that are a little loose, to allow you to move freely, but if you want to run, then you should think of some that are tight to the body so that when you move you do not feel that they make you feel uncomfortable.

The type of fibre in sports shirts

Some sports activities make you sweat more than others, so you should be careful with the fabric you choose, cotton T-shirts for men or women absorb sweat, so it could detract from your performance and comfort because they become heavy when they get wet. However, this material is of excellent quality; they may not be good for exercise. The polyester ones are the best option for these cases because, due to their type of fabric, they allow you to perspire, and when absorbing sweat, they do not feel heavy; they are ideal for practising high-performance sports such as running and cycling.

Suppose you want to exercise your body by doing yoga or pilates. In that case, nylon T-shirts are the ones you should choose, because like polyester they have good sweat absorption, but also the liquids dry very quickly, so you will feel comfortable to finish your routine if you want to practice swimming with this type of material it will not be difficult to do this sport, because its fabric is very light.

Elastane is a synthetic fibre that has a combination of nylon and polyester, which makes it an excellent material for any physical activity or sport including high performance, T-shirts made with this fabric, has the same benefits as the materials mentioned above, ie, dries sweat effectively and allows you to move without feeling the discomfort of sweat on the body. Because of their elasticity, it is ideal for any sport, but they are also resistant to sports use, so that you will have them for a long time.

Take into account the weather.

The winter here is usually very cold and only during that time, the most viable option is to wear cotton t-shirts, although they can get heavy with sweat, it is the type of fabric that gives more shelter in this season, however, if you think it is uncomfortable to feel wet while practicing your sport, you can use towels to dry your sweat or wear your nylon, polyester or elastane t-shirts and dress with layers, ie above your shirt you can put a jumper of the same material.

Another point to consider when choosing the right T-shirt for exercise is if you are allergic to the materials we have mentioned.

Do you already know which T-shirt to choose? Which fibre would you feel more comfortable with? We would love to read your opinion or the experience you have had with sports shirts, if you liked our content we invite you to share it on your social networks.

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